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When we were putting bids together for this property, we initially thought that we would have to hire an expensive interior designer and install custom cabinets to achieve the look and feel we were envisioning.

Madera Interior Solutions was recommended to us by several other investors, we are so glad that they were!

We instantly connected with Madera. They shared in our enthusiasm to bring this property back to life.

They mapped out our entire kitchen. Their design expertise helped us to envision which walls to remove, which really opened this floor plan up beautifully.

They recommended adding the fireplace wall with cabinets on either side. This is something that we never would have thought of, but now cannot imagine it any other way. We ended up putting a mantle and wrapping the wall with beautiful brick.

Madera also recommended the custom color for the island, fireplace and entry cabinets. We loved the color so much that we ended up using it for the exterior doors on the home.

The bathroom design that Madera came up with for this house utilized the space perfectly and the gray cabinets helped to make the bathrooms pop!

By choosing to work with Madera Interior Solutions, we paid a quarter of what we would have paid if we would have gone with custom cabinetry. We were able to finish this entire huge renovation in just 3 months from start to finish. Custom cabinetry would have taken 6 weeks or more just for the cabinets to be built. With Madera’s semi-custom options, we were able to achieve everything that we needed for this property and more.

Their design services were absolutely invaluable to us because we were able to use their design to purchase countertops and appliances. Our plumbers and electricians where also able to use their design as a guide map to complete their work successfully.

We would recommend Madera Interior Solutions to any professional that is looking for thoughtful designs, fair pricing, timely delivery, and amazing communication. They made our job easy, so we could focus on the entire project.

We can’t wait to see what Madera comes up with for our next project!


Mirador Investments LLC

Kitchen Cabinet Company Customer Testimonials

Chandler Chicks Investments LLC

My business partner and I have used Madera Interiors for several homes that we have remodeled and sold.  Recently, we decided to try a custom cabinet guy who came in quite a bit lower than Madera.  We used him on a custom home to take existing cabinetry and remake it so we could fit a double full sized GE fridge-freezer combo (72″) into the existing space of a standard builtin fridge. 

The cabinet guy was quick, did amazing work and came with great recommendations.  We thought we had a new vendor, hired him for two more projects and put 50% down.  It took 4 months for him to complete the first project, so, when it was time for us to add cabinets to our current project, we started sweating bullets, we didn’t want to pay another 4 months of carrying costs, while we waited on Mr. Unreliable to finish his job. When we factored in his unreliability, those savings were evaporated in one month of carrying costs.  

Around this time when we were trying to figure out how to pay for cabinets, since we already sunk a couple grand into it, our name was pulled in Madera’s contest for new cabinets… HOLY COW!  We got Madera out to the project, they measured, sent us a design, and within the next week, the cabinets were ready to install. 

The cabinets are amazing, Madera has a quick turn around time 5-10 days,  install has been a breeze.  Whenever we have had issues, Madera has been quick to respond and get results.  This lake home was a complete overhaul. 

There were walls that blocked some amazing views, it had a lot of potential, but, someone had to be willing to look beyond the 40 year old appliances, layers of dirt and grime and believe it was a diamond in the rough. 

After Madera Interiors did the design and install, our kitchen and bathrooms did what we needed them to do and that was POP…. house looks amazing!!!  Our favorite feature is the massive island.  Certainly, it will be the place the new owners sit to relax, either in the morning with their coffee or where they host great parties with their friends and family.  

We learned our lesson.  Great design, quick turn around, and easy install.  If we hadn’t had our name pulled in the contest, we might still be waiting on Mr Unreliable to get the job done.  

Thankfully, this story ended on a positive note, it could’ve very easily turned into a nightmare…. but, Madera, your team rocked it and our story has a happy ending.  24 hours after listing we accepted a full price offer!

Thank you!

Lauri Myers

Kitchen Cabinet Company Customer Testimonials

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