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“I set out to build a company oozing with integrity that never stopped learning from our clients.

I could not be more proud of what we are doing here at Madera.”

~ Bobby Barko ~ Founder & CEO

Samantha 2-6-1

Samantha Bierman

Showroom Manager & Chief Financial Officer

“Always give the customer more than they expected to get”

Samantha is passionate about making the clients experience with the Madera team as simple as possible through transparency, problem solving and a quality-first mindset. Samantha is the main point of contact for our client’s and is always available at our showroom to lend a helping hand. “Samantha is the gasoline that keeps our company running”.


Evelyn Herrmann

Evelyn Herrmann

Accounts & Customer Support Specialist

“There is nothing so contagious as enthusiasm. The customer will never forget the way you make them feel.”

Evelyn is a people person, enhancing the customer experience is just who she is. She is a personal advocate for every customer, ensuring that they feel fully informed, properly communicated with and at ease with the entire process. Evelyn is there for everything that our customers need to make the process with Madera pain-free and seamless. 


Josh Parry 2 comp

Joshua Parry

Project Manager & Quality Control Specialist

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”

Josh is our hands-on product specialist. Working on location with clients and other trades to aid in efficiency and problem solving. Josh ensures that the products being delivered to our customers meet the high Madera standards for integrity and quality. His objective is to enhance the client experience on every project by exceeding the client’s expectations.


Claudia comp


Business Development Specialist

“Creating relationships is the best part of business.”

Claudia is our good-natured sales representative. Her honest, non-pushy, approach to educating our client’s and affiliates is the best representation of Madera. She believes that when you are selling products and services that you truly believe in, you’re no longer selling the product; you’re creating relationships and solutions. 


Barko Family 2 comp

Bobby Barko

Founder & C E O

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or power. It is about one life influencing another”

Bobby was a struggling entrepreneur when his wife became pregnant with their first child. He took a job as a cabinetry designer/salesman simply to provide food and shelter for his family. At the time he never imagined it turning into undeniable passion, eventually inspiring him to develop what has become Madera, which means ‘wood’ in Spanish. In a sea of overnight cabinet companies going after the fast buck, his vision was to create a company that stood out from the rest, not through advertising or gimmicks, but by putting the customer first. “It was absolutely imperative to me for our clients to feel that their experience is as important to us as it is to them; because to us its not just important, it is everything. I set out to build a company oozing with integrity that never stopped learning from our clients. I could not be prouder of what we are doing here at Madera.”


Experience the Madera Difference

We invite you to experience the Madera Difference. Our team is ready to assist you in designing your dream and making your Dream Kitchen a reality. We’ve got financing options on all products and services, too. Just click on the button and you’ll be connected. 

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